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Advertising Looks and Chops A Must [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]

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Abdoujaparov [Apr. 10th, 2009|04:13 am]
Were pretty awesome tonight.

"The band are named after a professional cyclist Djamolidine Abdoujaparov,  from Uzbekistan.

Djamolidine Abdoujaparov (born 28 February 1964 in Tashkent) is a former professional road racing cyclist from Uzbekistan. Abdoujaparov was a sprinter, nicknamed "The Tashkent Terror"[1] as he was so ferocious in the sprints. His unorthodox and often erratic sprinting caused a number of crashes.

In 1991 "Abdou" won the competition despite a spectacular crash during the final stage on the Champs-Élysées in Paris, where - with 100 metres to the finish - he hit a giant promotional drinks can and somersaulted into the air."

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So put your lips on me... [Feb. 17th, 2009|12:06 am]
And as a postscript to the last post, at least I have found this pretty obscure band. Might be the most obscure thus far.

They are pretty good. No wikipedia, barely a myspace. Go team Me!

I know you all love my musical finds :P, especially you Helen, so if you like that early 90s "Chapel Hill Sound", in the vein of Superchunk or College Rock like Fountains of Wayne, it  might be worth a listen.



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I cannot believe I missed this... [Feb. 16th, 2009|11:27 pm]
[mood |Shattered]


Anyone that has spoken to me about music knows how much I love Merge. Without it, music would be completely completely shizen these days. Not that it isn't, but they are a beacon. I cannot believe I missed out on soooo much awesome.

Fuck, fuck fuck fuck FUCK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Absolutely shattered. :(
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Been A While Without Some Eric Love [Feb. 15th, 2009|09:06 am]
[music |Pretty obvious?]

Yes... you all know I'm like... married to him now... so that's my excuse anyway.

Blurry eyes half bent and I can’t take you sober
Tricking off the rotting strip that we’ve been trudging under
We ducked into a dim lit room out where the river bends
And turned to walk the burning bridge that we had built
And crossed our hearts half hoping
That we could both quit smoking
And kick the booze and blow
And one day go make something of ourselves

Glory came and went the night we both slipped under
‘Neath the row of oil slicks and ancient ugly lovers
Some they say the price you pay is far too much to spend
But they don’t know the cost is fair if for a while
It keeps your heart from crumbling

And we’d take what we want when we knew what we wanted
When we wished we had something to lose
You were a fine young thing crammed in your tight red vinyl jeans
I was a third rate going nowhere burning for nothing to do

Boredom settled in and I can’t take you sober
Strewn across the rotting strip that we’ve been building over
‘Til nothing made its wicked way slow creeping into view
Where we could watch the burning bridge that we had built
Across our hearts now broken
And we could both quit smoking
And kick the booze and blow
And one day go make something of ourselves

And we’d take what we want when we knew what we wanted
When we wished we had something to lose
You were a fine young thing crammed in your tight red vinyl jeans
I was a third rate going nowhere burning for something to do

So we branded our hearts and we toasted the stars
Getting wasted by the light of the moon
You were a two bit tramp - I was a low life lying scum
We were a bad lay coming undone burning for someone to use

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Tar Heels [Feb. 12th, 2009|11:04 pm]
Also pretty stoked the Tar Heels beat those arse raping criminals from Duke. What a bunch of criminal pack arse rapists.

You and I shall meet someday, Chapel Hill... someday...
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Bunch of pullers [Feb. 12th, 2009|10:44 pm]
There is nothing quite like watching tractor pulls.
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So... how about that radiant heat hey? [Feb. 10th, 2009|12:46 am]
[music |Disco Inferno!!!]

Wow. Our fires are pretty fucking bad hey?

170 dead or something, and they reckon it will be 250+ at least by the time they get through the towns that have literally been wiped off the map.

And I think it is now time for vengeance. For us, this is what... the equivalent of 3,000-4,000 US citizen deaths, and maybe 2 Israeli toenails? (I might be a bit generous on the number of toenails though.)

So what should we now do with this moral blank cheque? Which countries can be loosely tied down as responsible for this? The US is the obvious target. Not doing anything about climate change which has probably affected our country greater than any other.

Bunch of Bush in 04 voting cunts! Arseholes. So how about we invade Texas? Would the rest of the US egg us on? Cheer us perhaps? Join in? I get the feeling most would like us to invade Texas. And besides, it would be a lot of fun. How about Palestine, Washington D.C. perhaps?

After all, if the US wants to get active in areas of the world that apparently affect them, maybe we should do the same in getting active in areas that DO affect us. After all, their people's actions have affected us in this regard. After all, what's good for the goose... and there are about 300 million geese in the US as far as I can tell.

I'm not sure people realise what an Australian fire is like. I don't think people that live in the Australian bush do either. The eucalypts, for people not native to Australia reading this, are pretty dominant, and probably the hottest burning group of plants on the planet. And one of the most dangerous.

They explode. On hot days, the eucalypts will expel their oil into the air. This vapor will catch alight, and the fire will race right across the tops of the forest canopies. That's why the fire can be 10-20 metres above the tree tops, and gives it the speed and "fire rain" unique to Australia. Very little footage I've noticed has been of the actual main fire fronts. I guess because, if you've got it on camera, you're probably dead. Poor buggers in their cars trying to outrun it. Aint gonna happen when the fire across the tree tops is moving at 100+km/hr and the trees begin to literally explode increasing the fire power.

Fascinating stuff. Always loved the fire studies as a part of my course at uni.

Victoria, once again proving to be the event capital of the universe. This time with its disco inferno. Burn Baby Burn!

About time they adopted our prevention strategies out west though. Just another reason why we should secede.
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Let Me Through [Feb. 1st, 2009|08:42 am]
[music |The Remains]

Looks like we've decided to form some kind of 60s inspired gentle math rock band.

In a similar vein to The Remains:

Absolutely love the way the go go dancers react to the change in time signatures.

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Some times and things... [Jan. 30th, 2009|12:49 am]
[music |Obvious isn't it?]

Always seem to be summed up perfectly by others who have saidit  before. Recurringly...

Summed up my week.

So hard finding inspiration
I knew you'd find me crying
Tell those girls with rifles for minds
That their jokes don't make me laugh
They only make me feel like dying
In an unguarded moment

So long, long between mirages
I knew you'd find me drinking
Tell those men with horses for hearts
That their jibes don't make me bleed
They only make me feel like shrinking
In an unguarded moment

So deep, deep without a meaning
I knew you'd find me leaving
Tell those friends with cameras for eyes
That their hands don't make me hang
They only make me feel like breathing
In an unguarded moment

See the chains which bind the men
Can you taste their lonely arrogance
Its always too late
And your face is so cold
They struggled for this opulence
See the suns which blind the men
Burnt away so long before our time
Now their warmth is forgotten and gone
Pretty maids not far behind

Who you trying to get in touch with
Im almost with you
I can sense it wait for me
Im almost with you
Is this the taste of victory
Im almost with you
See the dust which fills your sleep
Does it always feel this chill near the end
I never dreamed wed meet here once more
This life reserved for a friend

Sometimes when this place gets kind of empty,
Sound of their breath fades with the light.
I think about the loveless fascination,
Under the milky way tonight.

Lower the curtain down in memphis,
Lower the curtain down all right.
I got no time for private consultation,
Under the milky way tonight.

Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.
Wish I knew what you were looking for.
Might have known what you would find.

And its something quite peculiar,
Something thats shimmering and white.
Leads you here despite your destination,
Under the milky way tonight
Under the milky way tonight.
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Mmmm... [Jan. 24th, 2009|06:25 pm]
How good is Devilles?.. and then how good is Devilles on acid?

Don't mind me, just tripping in to 2009...
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Quendas [May. 5th, 2008|02:41 pm]

Hmmm... well... I decided to play footy again this year because I felt like I needed more hugs.

In any event, I haven't been getting many hugs. :( But I guess that's not a bad thing, I must be doing something right, in my 2nd game in 6 years yesterday, I was best on ground apparently. And all these visions of potential and past glory are coming back. Lolololololol.

The last 6 months or more, I've been doing power-lifting 3 times a week at the Perth Footy Club gym. And I'm right up there with some of the strongest guys in the club, which is great. It means I can push these 130kg guys around the oval, and their reactions tend to be quite funny. They try and bump me over, shove me and what not, and its almost always them going over, not me. And after they realise this, they don't try. Such is the life of a lanky prick, turned walking barrel. Would have been great being like that all through juniors.

It's kind of saddening though. I really think I was good enough eventually to get to WAFL level. The day I was making my first start for my amateur club's #1 team (when I was 18), which was 2 levels below WAFL, I had that motorbike accident that I've written about many times. And after that came my enormous concussion problems, and eventually a neurologist who told me I had to stop for fear of massive brain damage ya da ya da ya da. I think he would be horrified to know I was playing again. I've been hit rather hard in the head many times thus far, and nothing yet. So fingers crossed.

I love our team's name, the Quendas. Quite appropriate for me I think. I'm furry, spend a lot of time on Murdoch campus, and scare the girls at night by jumping out of bushes at them. lolololololol.

Have a good afternoo y'all.
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BOMBSTHATFALLFROMYOUREYES!!! [Apr. 28th, 2008|04:06 pm]
[music |Take a guess...]


Polvo have reformed, minus the drummer :( :( :( :(

But still... Polvo!!!

Without a doubt the best math rock band of all time, and definitely in the top few indie rock bands of all time.

But wow... Everything but the end couple of songs on 'Exploded Drawing' is pure genius. And that's no understatement. I've listened to a lot of jazz and crazy stuff in odd time and the like over the years, but I'd say some of Polvo's stuff takes the cake. More triples than you can shake a drum stick at.

Every time I get someone to listen to High-Wire Moves they laugh, without fail. That's how insanely skilled it is. Even other musicians laugh when they hear that song. Most appropriately named song ever.

If you are in England, or Spain, or the east coast in the US, you have to see these guys. I am so very very tempted to see them, and if you don't I will keel you! If they had the original drummer I would. And there may be only one or two bands I would pay absolutely anything for. Most people would know the other. :P But geez, I'd pay a lot of money to hear Vibracobra live.

Pity I doubt they'll come to Australia. They'd have quite a big cult following here with all the art-rock stuff. I'll cry if I don't get to see them sometime though. :(

But do yourselves a favour, and download some of their stuff. And remember their slogan: Guitar based soundtracks to kung-fu movies.
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And Flying Is Fearful Of Me! [Mar. 5th, 2008|02:30 pm]
[mood |bouncybouncy]
[music |Future of the Left!]

Man... how good were Future of the Left last night!?

2/3rds of Mclusky, but just as good.

Anyone that missed them is a total sap.

Plus... they played a Mclusky song for their encore, Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues!

I also got to shake Jack Egglestone's hand. Hehehehe! Not everyday you get to meet your favourite drummer.

For all those saps out there, here is what you missed:

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More Adventures in the Life of Glenda [Feb. 25th, 2008|03:43 pm]
[Current Location |Murdoch Library]

I had my lappy set up for the Murdoch wireless network, finally. But it was really funny.

They had to download a few things from the intertron, and guess where those downloads were automatically going? Yep... my videos, as you do, as you set it up... everybody's default pron folder.

"You'll need to open my videos to install the programs."

"Ahhh... I'd prefer not to here." I said.

"Ahhahahahaa! Alright then, save it to a different folder."

Somehow, I don't think I was the first one to come in with that incidence. But I can imagine him talking to the people there with him after I had left, saying, "There's another caught with pron." Or something of that order.

At least I can laugh about it. And it will keep me smiling for the next couple of days I'm sure.
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Interfol [Feb. 11th, 2008|10:47 am]
Does anyone want to buy some Interpol tickets off me before I begin scalping them on Ebay?

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200 Million Stumbling Blocks [Dec. 16th, 2007|10:07 am]
[mood |annoyedannoyed]

What does it actually say about the United States, and Americans themselves in particular, when as a whole, they are willing to screw over the rest of the world; mortgage the world's future - all for the sake of some short term self interest?

Freedom and justice for the world. My arse.
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Misogyny and Politics [Nov. 25th, 2007|06:44 pm]
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |Mukaizake - Pilot]

I took great pride in putting the "What Women Want" Party last at numbers 53 and 54 on the senate ticket. I just love analysing women in politics. Take Pru Goward for instance, women's rights advocate, then runs for the conservatives and helps campaign for lower wages for women. Fantastic work. Showing real feminist spirit there!

I also had to laugh at our now ex-prime minister during the week. He came out with this absolute gem, "You can't learn by reading a book. You can't learn by reading a book." Is it any wonder that the rest of the world classes us Ostrelans as idjots? Christ, we've voted this guy in 4 times. We have deserved to be hated internationally.

But thankfully that is now at an end. Our far right wing leader of the "Liberal" party is no more. My American readers, please work that sentence out for me. And an ever so slightly less right wing government is now in power. It's a great day for us Australian lefties. Lol! And a good day for us greenies. Good vote, a lot of new seats, and a destruction of the Democrats. No more preferencing the tories when campaigning for refugee rights. Christ I hate them so much. Fucking females in politics. Single handedly kept Howard in power in 2001. And their destruction as a party is totally justified. The local green senator from WA looks like Chas from the Chaser. Quite funny really.

This is the first election I haven't done any work for the greens since 2001. The last state election kind of put me off, when I was chased around by one of the liberal party campaign organisers with a hammer. That put me off quite a bit. So I gave the liberal how to vote carders a fair amount of lip. Usually I'm a lot more subtle... but got some "body language" happening as well. Lol!

Anyway, it was a fun night at the UnionsWA hq and beyond, and was really good to see so many young people out and about who had clearly been involved. Previously, I had been the only one out adorning election paraphernalia, but it was nice to see an obvious generational shift in force this time.

Personally, it means a lot to me. It means a future in this country for me to continue doing environmental based studies, and gives me a heap of motivation and cause for optimism.

And my mum is now quite likely to score a senior adviser position for the education minister. So I am very happy for her. She is on the other side of the island of psycho, but I guess you have to be there to be that intelligent. So the teachers on my friends list will be quite happy to hear that. Oodles of experience with lobbying against Howard changes as a head of various headmaster groups. Lecturer, academic, teacher, administrator, consultant, she's pretty much done it all when it comes to the education system. And a closet socialist to boot! Lol!

Anyway, I have an exam tomorrow. Only need 30% because I'm sitting on an HD at the moment, but this has given me a lot of motivation, and put me in the perfect mood for it. And in my cram session, I wont forget Howard's words of wisdom, that you can't learn from reading a book.

Anyway, an end to work "choices", a start on environmental action, and an end to middle fingering towards working people... for now.

It's a start.
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O! [Nov. 17th, 2007|05:24 pm]
[Tags|, ]

I'm so excited about seeing O! tonight! Plus some other wicked old school perth bands. Perth Art-Rock isn't dead... well... at least not at the RTR 30th birthday. Ah well, it should be a good night for the Sitting Down In Sticky Carpet generation anyway.

Here's some stuff to whet our appetites:


Liquid Paper Mum

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It's Moments Like These [Nov. 15th, 2007|05:24 pm]
[mood |gigglygiggly]

I had a dentist appointment today. Nothing really unusual, that would be worth talking about, except for this time. Hmm... I had to go because a couple of months back I woke up to the sound of me grinding teeth, and with bits of teeth in my mouth... yum.

Anyway... When I went into the room, I was greeted by this rather young dentist - perhaps not any older than I. And all smiles and things, she proceeded to ask me about my work for the next 5 minutes. And then the book I was reading. At this stage... I was thinking... hmmm... this sort of stuff doesn't usually happen. And then she called my teeth beautiful. OK, now I wasn't just imagining it.

And then I left the room, after everything had been done, and I looked to nod goodbye, and she was striking poses. She followed me out to the counter, and leaving her next client waiting, continued to ask me about my book. She wasn't leaving me alone! And then when it came to booking in another appointment, "Oh she doesn't have anything that day." "Ah yes, I'll make sure I can come in early for you". Striking poses at me at the front counter I was wondering if she was going to walk me to my car or not, or even let me leave.

In any case, she didn't. Which would have been nice. But it was just one of those occasions that leaves you smiling, but also leaves you feeling awkward and confused. And for me to notice this sort of behaviour, it must have been pretty blatant. I'm one of those people that just can't tell if someone is flirting, or just being friendly, but this seemed rather obvious to me. Anyway, that was my entertainment for the day, and it's left me giggling like a school girl.

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Oh Yeah. [Nov. 14th, 2007|04:47 pm]
I feel soooooo good right now. Lol!
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