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Advertising Looks and Chops A Must

No Big Hair!

A rationalist unable to make rational decisions, but I'll cut you with Ockham's razor!
Annoying - Misogynist - Pillow Whore - Deliberately Oppositional - Grating - Abrasive

I'm absolutely terrified of the mail.

50s fashion, 60s sunnies!, abrasive and angular guitars, albert camus, albinoni, antique stores, archers of loaf, arne naess, art-rock, aspidistras, baroque music, beat literature, bibliophiles, bibliophilia, bill burroughs, bookshelfs, centurions, chapel hill music, chris acland, circular and rolling rhythms, concepts, conjectures and refutations, crooked fingers, demure girls, dinosaur jr., distraction, double the fist, dream pop, eco-philosophy, edmund husserl, emile zola, eric bachmann, ernest hemingway, existential heavyweights, finding the-origins-of things, french literature, fugazi, hardtalk, having un-underlined interests, he-man, hugo chavez, incoherent music, internet stalking, jimmy carr, john frodsham, john z. de lorean, johnny cash, joseph stiglitz, kant, karl popper, kerouac, kerry o'brien, kill teen angst, lateline, leadbelly, leather bound journals, leibniz, life support, literary elitism, lo-fi, lush, mclusky, merge records, military history, mogwai, monadism, north carolina accents, oboes and oboe concertos, paul d. robertson, pavement, phenomenology, philosophy, polvo, pulp fictions, rockabilly, sartre, she-ra, shifting goal-posts, shoegazing and shoegazer rock, social justice, spastic drumming, substance over style, superchunk, sustainable development, ten speed racers, the 7.30 report, the abc, the bbc, the beat generation, the chaser, the greens, the history channel, the hummingbirds, the womp, thomas the tank engine, thundercats, tolstoy-gandhi-naess, transformers, tucker b's, twee, typewriters, unique and non-underlined interests, wikipedia, wordy causes