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Quendas [May. 5th, 2008|02:41 pm]

Hmmm... well... I decided to play footy again this year because I felt like I needed more hugs.

In any event, I haven't been getting many hugs. :( But I guess that's not a bad thing, I must be doing something right, in my 2nd game in 6 years yesterday, I was best on ground apparently. And all these visions of potential and past glory are coming back. Lolololololol.

The last 6 months or more, I've been doing power-lifting 3 times a week at the Perth Footy Club gym. And I'm right up there with some of the strongest guys in the club, which is great. It means I can push these 130kg guys around the oval, and their reactions tend to be quite funny. They try and bump me over, shove me and what not, and its almost always them going over, not me. And after they realise this, they don't try. Such is the life of a lanky prick, turned walking barrel. Would have been great being like that all through juniors.

It's kind of saddening though. I really think I was good enough eventually to get to WAFL level. The day I was making my first start for my amateur club's #1 team (when I was 18), which was 2 levels below WAFL, I had that motorbike accident that I've written about many times. And after that came my enormous concussion problems, and eventually a neurologist who told me I had to stop for fear of massive brain damage ya da ya da ya da. I think he would be horrified to know I was playing again. I've been hit rather hard in the head many times thus far, and nothing yet. So fingers crossed.

I love our team's name, the Quendas. Quite appropriate for me I think. I'm furry, spend a lot of time on Murdoch campus, and scare the girls at night by jumping out of bushes at them. lolololololol.

Have a good afternoo y'all.

[User Picture]From: pageeglantine
2008-05-06 04:47 am (UTC)
Haha cute. So I suppose in a few years, you will be married to a hot redhead & working in a shoe store?
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